Coevality is an online publication and a collective effort by the graduate students at the University of Pittsburgh in Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Contemporary Art History and Theory Terry Smith’s spring 2016 course, “Coeval Connectivity in Contemporary Conditions.” Smith observes three predominant currents within contemporary art: continuing modernities, transitional transnationality, and contemporaneous difference in “Coevality: Global Ethics in a Time of Total Change,” a series of lectures, symposia, and research projects. These currents address, respectively, the fall of globalization, the declining of decolonization, and the expanding of equality and coeval commons. The lattermost current is our concern here. Surveying the contemporary social, economic, political, and artistic landscapes from this vantage, Coevality weaves together interdisciplinary metonyms that relay back to these currents, opening up new flows of knowledge.

Lily Brewer, project manager and editor-in-chief

Marina Tyquiengco, editor and contributor

Gabrielle Rajerison, contributor

Emy Takada, contributor

Kuhu Tanvir, contributor

John Taylor, contributor

Juan Velasquez, contributor

Yijing Wang, contributor

Nicole Coffineau, copy editor and research assistant to Terry Smith


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