Coevality is a quality of relations, a cumulative set of intersections, in which profoundly different subjects and modes of being in time coexist and are acknowledged without conflict. The coeval voice is a polyphonous one  that recognizes differences and multiple experiences of time that share a same space, and questions the universalisms produced by modern and postmodern thought, while asking  about relations between disparate individuals, practices, institutions and issues.

Coevality promotes a perception of shared and dynamic time that creates a set of planes, a planomena interconnected through multiple disciplines and perspectives, which are both a result and a source of coeval experience. From this standpoint, planetarity and contemporaneity are departing points for coevality, promoting a study and representation of the world as a whole, intertwining experiences that create and sustain a viable sense of place, and establish and maintain coeval connectivity in all relations.

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